The definition of resin and plastic

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The definition of resin and plastic

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The definition of resin and plastic Resin usually refers to the softening or melting range after heat, softening under the action of external forces tend to flow at room temperature is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes can be liquid organic light material composite Spain
Broadly speaking, any polymer that can be processed as a raw material for plastic products is called a resin. Resin has natural resin and synthetic resin. Natural resin refers to the natural animal and plant secretions obtained by the amorphous organic substances, such as rosin, amber, shellac and so on. Synthetic resin refers to the simple organic matter by chemical synthesis or some natural products obtained by the chemical reaction of resin products.Anti Slip Treatment For Tiles Latin America
The definition of plastic Plastic refers to the resin (or in the process of direct polymerization with the monomer) as the main ingredient, with plasticizers, fillers, lubricants, colorants and other additives as auxiliary ingredients, in the process of flow molding s material.12mm privacy composite price in ghana
Plastic has the following characteristics: ① most of the plastic light, good chemical stability, not rust; ② good impact resistance; ③ has good transparency and abrasion resistance; ④ good insulation, low thermal conductivity; ⑥ most of the plastic low temperature resistance, low temperature brittle; ⑨ easy to use; ⑥ easy to deform; ⑥ most of the plastic low temperature resistance, low temperature brittle; ⑨ easy Aging; ⑩ some plastic soluble in the solvent.veranda cladding wood effect price


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