leather suitcase smooths

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leather suitcase smooths

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The luster of the fake shell is impetuous. Hand touch, the real leather suitcase smooth and mild; counterfeit goods are a kind of tired of the feeling, there is a sense of blocked, and even sticky hand. Reporters recently visited the man-made board market found that many MDF enterprises in a large number of goods,
and most of these plates produced by the Guangxi manufacturers. After discussing with the dealer, it was learned that the prices of the MDFs also rose due to the significant increase in the price of chemical raw materials in the preceding period.
Many dealers in order to attract consumers, have changed the procurement channels, procurement more cheap MDF. As a large number of Guangxi MDF enterprises, the production of low-end MDF enterprises accounted for a larger proportion of these enterprises in order to seize the market, to attract low-cost sheet dealers.
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